Hej, I´m Jan Sodoge
I like data (-viz and -journalism), sports analytics, computational social science.
What I do

I'm Jan. Also, I am...

  • ...a computational social science Master´s grad student at the Institute for Analytical Sociology at Linköping University.
  • ...into Advanced Basketball (and Soccer) Statistics and Analytics.
  • ...in love with the R programming language.
  • ...curious about socio-ecological systems, their complexity and participatory modelling approaches.
  • ...B.Sc. of Environmental System Science and Geography, University Osnabrück, Germany.

Data Journalism

Sport Analytics


Recent contributions

Projects and writings ordered chronologically. Subheadlines below the images cover the publishing platform and/or my contribution.

Machine-learning in basketball scouting

How machine-learning and geometric data analysis foster player scouting

Participatory Modelling Journalism

Computational Social Journalism

Analyzing 4546 Post-Game Interviews

Text Analysis

Basketball Bundesliga Lineup Statistics

R Shiny Application

Euroleague's best shooter?

Advanced metrics to analyse shooting efficiency

Networks: From R to D3

A visualization tutorial

Agent-based modelling in journalism

Computational Social Science

Basketball Bundesliga Social Networks

Central Players in the Bundesliga History

Midnight bus or train?


Urban growth in Africa


River Intellectuals

Website conceptualization and implementation

Hot-Hand in the Basketball Bundesliga

A data analysis [German]

DAFNE Project

WEF Nexus and Participatory modelling

Basketball Bundesliga Playoff Preview

Data analysis and visualization